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The rise of the Divine...

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

‘I am here to see you rise’ he whispered in her ear. She looked back at him ‘I know my dear. But right now it just doesn’t feel like that’ the tears were coming to her eyes. ‘And how can I convince you my love?’ he said ‘Just hold me tight for a moment and let us melt into one. For this moment and for an eternity’…. And that was how you were born - Out of oneness. Out of a moment turning into an eternity in flesh and blood, and in the etheric realms beyond what you yet can see.

I have many times in my life felt the regret of being who I came here to be. Often I have not known that it was that I was resistance of. That what I was resisting was the mixture I was made up of - An equal amount of feminine and masculine energies. And how my feminine energies were the ones that I had chosen to develop so strongly that it would beam out to all corners of the universe - In this lifetime and in times to come. I have often been resisting the feminine flow of energies that was undeniable in me – my intuition, my love my nurture. How do you carry these abilities in a balanced way in the life as a human? Take a look around and see who are reflecting these back to you with ease and grace…. Not many… because that is what WE came here to do. We came to be the feminine force rising in all of us; men and women – but for many of us with a great focus on being the physical manifestation of the divine feminine in her glory.

‘And when we are there how do I know that you are there?’ she asked ‘How do I recognise you?’. He took her hand and looked deeply into her eyes ‘You will recognise me in every woman, every man, every animal, every tree you see - The moment that you recognise me in you’. She nodded, that felt true to her. A gentle smile was showing on her face ‘I remember now. I remember how I can find you in me, and I feel safe now’. They tugged each other in and went to sleep one more night before waking up on the earth plan playing out their role in the great human experiment. The experiment of Oneness.

I have over and over in my life searched for others to give me what I did not give to myself. ‘Can I just get a little bit of respect’, ‘I just want some peace’, ‘ I really just want to be loved’…. Do you recognise this? What I have found is that everyone who have been mirrors of my own lack of nurture, respect or love are my true soulmates on a higher level (just as the one who mirrors my fullness of course). What I came to see through many many experiences was, that I as the divine feminine was carrying the believe that I could not choose where my energy was going to be focused. That I had to be there, available with my nurture and love for whomever would need it. I did not do it off course. But the battle inside of me between playing an old program of being available with my love for everyone in the physical and my deep knowing (that seems to have been present even when I was far from my truth), that this was not aligned to who I was, made the battle show up again and again in the outer world. It was not until I demystified it and realised that it was just a ‘play with energies’ that was taking place. It was a matter of me allowing my energy to flow into the experiences that I chose to create that I was set free (and I can say that it still shows up now and then as an inner conflict).

She looked down at her body ‘this, was this really what I asked for?’ she thought to herself, ‘was there not supposed to come some kind of manual with this thing?’. ‘They call it a ‘body’’ she mumbled. ‘I guess I have to figure it out myself then…’ and then she ventured out into the world.

He woke up sweaty as after a nightmare ‘where is she’ he was reaching for her but she was gone. He searched the whole room but she was no places to be found. He looked out of the windows only to see strangers. Then he buried his face in his hands ‘if she is not here how do I know that I am loved?’.

And we are of course here to love one another. But buried in the illusion it can be difficult to feel that love. We entangle with the feeling of low self-worth, not enough-ness, shame, blame guilt and not least lack of freedom. How many things on the earth plane right now are taking your focus? One of my greatest lesson has been to understand that I am to keep my focus on what I wish to create no matter what is going on around me. That has sometimes felt as if my world was crashing and burning around me while I had to focus on my desires and creative expression. But it was that innate wisdom that made me expand through it! Through it all! I could not have been where I am now if I had not been willing to go through the fires and keep focusing on my love for myself, my desires of what I wish to create.

One thing that is important to understand when we create is that when we allow our focus to be directed to what we do not wish to create. E.g. what we are against. Then that thing is taking away our freedom to create what we wish to create, just as much as if we allowed it to play out in our world Maybe there are some things coming to mind when I mention this. Remember creating what you want does not mean to push away the things you don’t want. It means to allow everything to be there while you focus on what you wish to experience in your life. Trust me, that is the greatest power you have.

At this time being I am running a course with xx xxxx who is a dear friend and really an expert in angel communication. Both of us a running the feminine light really strongly and we are in this time so very dedicated to assisting others in doing the same. When I was preparing for the course I was feeling into all the energies of the path of the divine feminine and first I felt that it requires so much confidence and determination. While that might also be true, I then felt clearly that what it requires most of all is to become so deeply loving of yourself because that will truly transform and transpire everything. On our first session xx was telling about her own experience of being ill and struggling with loving herself but she finished with the words that ‘she fell in love with that girl right then and promised her to be there every day when she woke up, and that transformed everything'. That resonates with my own experience so deeply. You are not required to walk this path with sword or weapons to gain the love or respect from others that you think you need, but to fall deeply in love with the human you are in this life – by allowing your inner union. You are truly here to be that expression of love on the deepest and most expansive level.

That night when she went to bed she travelled off to her home in the higher realms and he was already there waiting for her ready to embrace her. ‘I did not see you today’ he said. She giggled ‘You didn’t?’ ‘I was there when you woke up! Did you have a nightmare?’ I saw you look out of the windows, was it me you were looking for? '. He looked at her surprised ‘ You were there?’. She with compassion ‘I am sorry you didn’t see me but I did my best to look back at you from all the people you were meeting that day - Even the police officer who stopped you because you had no light on your bike’. ‘Really?!’ he said ‘I can’t believe I didn’t see you’. ‘Tomorrow I will look more carefully’. She held his face between her hands, pulled him close and whispered in his ear ‘And I will be there every step of your way to see you rise’….

If you want to know more about the course I am doing with xx xxx where we work with the New Era of the Divine Feminine you can read more here.

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