Image by Owen Yin

Sessions for Children

133 USD - 1 hr. session

222 USD - Two 1 hr. sessions

Payment plans  are available for both options

Sessions for children focus on distance healing and are based on what you and Matilda define as goals (via email) prior to the session. In support of the parent’s goals, these sessions assist the child to connect more deeply to their own authentic self. 

Matilda will send an email in the end of the session with any messages she received during the session. During the session the child is free to conduct daily activities in a comfortable environment. It is recommended that the child be near an adult who knows that the session is being conducted, and that the child not be told when the session is occurring to prevent unnecessary worry.

A ½-1 hr. follow-up conversation with Matilda is included in the 'double session'. This will be scheduled directly with Matilda after the second session.

Sessions can be conducted in Danish or English.

Image by Owen Yin