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Sessions for Children

222 USD - Healing session 2 x 1 hr. and a ½ hr. follow up conversation

133 USD - Additional session 1 hr.

Payment plans  are available for both options.

Sessions for children focus on distance healing and assist the child in reconnecting to their soul, inner balance, and authentic self. 

If you have any specific questions or goals you wish to address during the session, contact Matilda (via email) before the session.

Matilda will send an email at the end of the session with any messages she received during the session. During the session, the child is free to conduct daily activities in a comfortable environment. We recommend that the child be near an adult who knows the session is taking place. We also recommend that the child not be told when the session occurs to prevent unnecessary worry.

The 'Healing Session' includes a ½ follow-up conversation with Matilda. The follow-up conversation will be scheduled directly with Matilda after the second session.

Sessions can be conducted in Danish or English.

Read more about what to expect from a Child Healing Session here.

Read what other parents say after their child's healing session.

Image by Owen Yin
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