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A six to twelve months personal mentoring and healing program

Rise Goddess is a mentorship and healing program that helps you to elevate to the next level.

In the first session, Matilda and her Guides will help you identify your goals for the program. 


Throughout the six to twelve months, you will receive the most optimal support from Matilda and her Guides, perfectly adjusted to assist you where you are.

You will embody the next version of yourself by healing past life experiences and identifying your true essence and nature. You will learn to master your life experience in the most peaceful, joyful, and powerful way possible with the assistance of Matilda and her Guides. 

Matilda and her Guides will hold the highest vision for you as you move through the program to ensure pure transformation.

What you receive in the program:

  • A 1hr monthly session with healing and support to step into your new version.

  • A ½hr monthly session with mentoring that helps you to become clear about the steps to take to make your next chapter a reality.

  • One monthly audio-recorded activation that supports the themes that are up in your life and helps you focus your energy every month.

  • Free membership in Matilda's community for the time your program is active.*

The price for the Rise Goddess program is 2,000 USD for six months or 3,500 USD for twelve months. If you cannot pay the total upfront, you can pay in six or twelve installments.

​*If you are already in our membership community, we will set your automatic payment to our community on hold while you are a part of this program. So you will benefit from this fantastic opportunity.

Bodega Bay ocean_edited.jpg
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