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Join us for the Divine Child Healer's Program 2024!

Registration for 2024 is open*


*Limited spots available.

Do you want to help children thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically using powerful healing modalities?

Join us for the Divine Child Healer's Program starting in September!

The Divine Child Healer's program is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of the children around you, whether they're in your family, at work, or even across the globe. With this program, you'll gain valuable knowledge and skills in two powerful healing modalities that will help children reconnect to their authentic nature and stay aligned with their highest path.

The healing modalities work remotely and allow you to support children worldwide.


Read the full program description and timetable for 2024 here.

The program, in brief

More than 30 hrs of theory, practice, and energy activations will help you discover your innate healer abilities.

The Divine Child Healer's Program, starting on September 5th, 2024, is a seven-month program that includes eleven modules covering theory, practice, activation, and assignments, plus exciting guest talks by speakers who are leaders in their field. All of this will assist you in uncovering your natural healing talents. 

The theory, practice modules, and guest talks are scheduled for one or two Thursdays each month, and the activation modules are on two Sundays (9 am PST / 6 pm CET).

You can listen live or join via the replays.

You can add personal sessions to the program to maximize your benefit and expansion potential over the seven months. 

In the program, you will learn


  • How energy is integrated into the child's body and how it works on different levels

  • How your vibration can support the children in your life

  • How trauma and beliefs can prevent the child from integrating their light and authentic self

  • About incarnation and the incarnation agreements within a family 

  • What the child's soul mission is, and how it plays together with the family

  • What Starseeds are and what their role is

  • How healing can assist the child in rebalancing and releasing limiting beliefs and trauma 

  • What your role is with the children - in your family, professionally, or globally

  • How to use two remote healing modalities to support and reconnect children to their authentic selves and wellbeing 

Read the full program description for 2024 here.

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Sign me up!


You can purchase the Program with an Early Bird discount until July 16th: 1250 USD/ 1333 USD after that.


To maximize your seven-month experience, you can enroll in the program and add four or seven personal sessions. These sessions will allow you to delve deeper into your healing capabilities and broaden your potential for growth.​


Register for the EXPANSION PACKAGE, which includes the program and four sessions, with the Early Bird discount by July 16th for only 1850 USD/ 1933 USD after July 16th.


Or amp up your experience with the DELUXE PACKAGE that includes the program and seven sessions for only 2200 USD with the Early Bird discount or 2283 USD after July 16th


Payment plans are available. Register now to lock in your payment at an Early Bird rate.


Enrollment is capped at a maximum number of 16, so secure your spot today!

Disclaimer: While there are no pre-requirements for joining the program, your ability to use the healing modalities professionally depends on your experience level when the program begins. 
If you have yet to gain experience with healing, Matilda recommends her advanced program as an add-on to this program if you desire to use the healing modalities professionally. 

Your Teacher Team

Program Leader - Matilda Lerche

Matilda Lerche has many years of experience assisting children in regaining their inner balance and thriving. Her deep understanding of children's energy and energy systems has opened a new level of helping children align with their highest well-being and soul mission.

Her work also includes assisting parents in transitioning into a 5D perspective on parenting and family dynamics.

In this program, you will learn the healing modalities that she uses to help children and parents thrive.


Teacher on module 3 - Jevona Klassen

Jevona Klassen is a Reiki Master, Medium, and Joy Guide. She assists her clients in reconnecting with their innocence and playful nature. In module 3, Jevona will share with us why this state of 'being in joy' is so powerful when we want to create the life we desire and why living a life centered around joy is not naive or unrealistic.


Jevona will share her tools and guidance for creating a life aligned with your joyful self and help you see how you support children more from a place of joy than from giving into worry. 

Jevona was certified in our first cohort of Divine Child Healers. 

Teacher on module 6 - John Rusciano 

John Rusciano is a healer and personal development coach. His fascination with the mind-body connection and quantum physics, together with his passion for understanding our galactic origin, makes him the perfect teacher for helping us understand the starseed children that so commonly inhabit the earth at this time.


In his talk, John will expand on the Phenomenon of 'Starseeds': what are they, and why are they (we) here?


John shares his perspectives in module 6, where you will also understand why YOU benefit greatly from assisting children.

John was certified in our first cohort of Divine Child Healers. 

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Guest Speakers


Efrat Shokef

Ph.D. Author and a Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner.

Talk: September 19th, 9 am PST

The Promise We Made: Three Universal Soul Promises We Made to Our Children

Read more

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Debbie Prediger

Empowerment Leader and Strategist Coach


Talk: February 20th at 9 am PST 

Moving Through Fear of Being Seen and Into Your Greatness

Read more

Previous attendees

Hear what previous attendees say about the Divine Child Healer's Program

Graduates from 2023


Laila, Mother of two and Nurse, says:

"It was my luck that the early bird discount was postponed for a few days; it gave me just enough time to decide to join Matilda's Journey and the Divine Child Healer Program.

I was allowed to pay in installments, making it possible to manage financially.

And from here began a significant expansion of consciousness.
It was exciting to meet the team, which turned out to be some fantastic and warm-hearted people from around the world. Each time, I looked forward to the next session. 

I signed up primarily to help my children through life's challenges, but in the process, I have undergone a huge transformation and will not rule out that one day, I will take the leap and expand to help other children in the world around me. The Divine Child Healer's Program has strengthened my faith in the divine right timing and has given me hope for the future. I have found my way back to my deeper self and am grateful for Matilda's exceptional abilities as an intuitive guide and healer, which have been mindblowing.

There have been many incredible realizations along the way. Matilda has brought up topics that hit the spot for exactly what challenges I went through. It has been a great eye-opener how we, through healing with children, also heal aspects of ourselves in the process.

I recommend getting on board the journey immediately."

Rachel Vasquez, Mother of four and Grief Coach, says:

"I originally signed up for the Divine Child Healers program to deepen my connection with my children and support them more profoundly. As I progressed through the program, I discovered its immense potential for my practice, working with widowed moms and neurodivergent children. The measurable shifts in the children I worked with were nothing short of astonishing.

What truly surprised me was the profound transformation in my own energetic and spiritual development. I forged a deep connection with my guides, and the expansion of my gifts has been extraordinary. My perspective has grown significantly, and the class sessions, along with our private ones, have deeply enriched my connection to source.

The community within the program is supportive, insightful, and compassionate. Together, we fostered growth and created a deeper understanding from within. Our shared experiences have bonded us in meaningful and profound ways. I now have a new understanding and love for my soul connections, with this beautiful experience flowing together to support both the children and the inner child in all of us.

If you have the opportunity to work with Matilda, I wholeheartedly encourage you to jump in with a resounding YES! I can't wait to see what other programs will offer as I continue to grow and learn at deeper spiritual insights. This journey has been heart-centered and extraordinary, and I am grateful for every moment."

Tina, mother of three sensitive girls, says:

"Being part of the Divine Child Healer's Program has been a transformational journey for me.

I have never worked with healing before, but I felt called to this program, mainly to understand and assist my three daughters, who are all sensitive children.

The program has given me some amazing tools to help my daughters when they are getting out of balance or need a little extra support. It has also taken me on a journey towards my soul's purpose in this life and started to unfold my intuitive gifts.

My perception of myself and my role and call in this lifetime has shifted remarkably fast over just a few months. I see a new path ahead of me where I can assist other children in re-aligning with who they truly are and their parents to better understand their children.

I can highly recommend this Matilda's program!"


 Graduates from 2022


John Rusciano, Frequency Masters Academy, says:


"The Divine Child Healer's program is a life-changing experience that empowers adults to assist children in achieving their highest potential. This program is designed for those seeking to support children in their journey of deep healing, unlocking their divine gifts and fulfilling their life's mission that they created before being born.


Through this program, students gain valuable insights and tools to support the children. Not only does the program provide deep healing for children, but it also offers valuable information to parents to assist them in understanding their children's unique gifts and purpose. This understanding allows parents to provide the right support to their children, helping them grow into their full potential.


The program's approach is holistic and all-encompassing, diving into many layers of healing to support children on their journey. This this multifaceted course many practices and techniques that promote healing on multiple levels are learned and practiced. Thus, children can find a sense of balance and inner peace, allowing them to navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace.


What sets the Divine Child Healer's program apart is its focus on helping children fulfill their life's mission. By supporting children in understanding and embracing their unique gifts and purpose, they can make a meaningful contribution to the world. Through this program, parents can play a vital role in assisting their children in realizing their full potential and making a positive impact on the world.


The Divine Child Healer's program is an invaluable resource for any adult seeking to assist children in their journey of deep healing and spiritual growth. By providing insights and tools to support children's unique gifts and purpose, adults can help children realize their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to the world"

Christine, mother of two, says:

"I heard an immediate yes from soul when Matilda first mentioned she would be providing a Divine Children's Healing Course.


It has completely changed my own perception of myself as a healer. My initial intention, however, was to use the tools Matilda would be teaching to assist my own daughters.


After several sessions with Matilda, I had witnessed firsthand how her healings were positively affecting them. Her amazing, other-wordly gift to connect with them on a soul level gave me a greater awareness about their personalities and their souls' mission.


Ultimately, she was able to help release some of their limiting beliefs, ancestral wounds, and traumas that I know now can often beautifully shift the child's experience in their physical world. During the Course, however, it became apparent that the Universe had a plan for me to start serving a broader community of parents, to help assist them with their own children, the way that Matilda had done for mine.


There have been many fascinating realizations throughout the course, including that as we are performing these healings on children, we are also healing aspects of ourselves in the process.


The Course has been a beautiful unfolding of remembering and accessing our own unique spiritual gifts under Matilda's steadfast, loving, and reassuring guidance for which I am eternally grateful. Being in the presence of Matilda's vibration (even if it is on-line) is truly a gift to one's self." 

Lori McMurphy, Lori and the Light, says:

"I am so excited to be a part of Matilda's Divine Child Healer's Program! Matilda is such a truly gifted and talented intuitive guide and healer!!! I am really looking forward to using all the tools, skills, and healing modalities taught in this six-month program to be able to aid and assist my own children as a mom! I am also very excited to use them to do even further healing and re-integrative work with my own inner child as well! Working with children is such an important part of us all helping to create the shifts and changes that we would love to see in the world and for us all to be able to reach our highest potentials!"

Watch the intro call from 2023

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