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Become a certified healer for children

Join our Divine Child Healers Program beginning in August!

We are excited to announce that you can now become a certified healer for children in the Divine Child Healers Program!

You will develop a basic understanding about energy healing modalities to help children balance and re-connect with their authentic self.    


This program is for you if you desire to assist children within your family or on a professional level.


About the Instructor

Matilda Lerche has many years of experience assisting children to regain their inner balance and thrive. Her deep understanding of children’s energy and energy systems has opened to a new level of assisting children into aligning with their highest wellbeing and soul mission.

Her work also includes assisting parents in transitioning into a 5D perspective on parenting and family dynamics.

In this program, you will learn the healing modalities that she uses to help children and parents thrive.

In the Divine Child Healers Program you will learn how:

  • energy works on different levels and how energy is integrated into the child’s body

  • the soul and energy connect with the child’s sensory system and personality

  • each child has a life purpose and a specific soul mission

  • a family and society supports a child’s authentic self

  • to support children on a personal level and to support groups of children using two remote healing modalities


This comprehensive training includes 12 hours of instruction and 6 hours of activation.


Sign me up!

Registration for 2022 is now closed. To be informed next time we offer the Divine Child Healers Program Send an email to


Want to know more?
Download the full program description and timetable here:

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