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Welcome, Goddess!

Dear Goddess

Imagine a community where you are seen, held, and supported by like-minded souls. 

A place where you are witnessed and nurtured while you connect deeper to your inner wisdom and Goddess self.


A community where everyone supports each other in bringing forward the highest vision for planet Earth and for living a life as a Goddess. 


This is it. It is here.

We love you Goddess and welcome you into our community.

What you receive in this community:


A monthly call on Zoom, where we share our latest inspirations and wisdom. Our monthly gathering is also a place to receive support whenever you feel lost or need someone to hold space for you so you can connect with your highest potential. 


On the call, Matilda shares monthly guidance from herself and the ancient Goddesses. You will receive individual mini-readings to help you settle in with whatever is happening in your life and prepare for the month ahead.

We love you, dear Goddess, and we are ready to welcome you into our community.

You also receive a monthly chapter from our book in the making: The Way of the Goddess - Living and Loving as a Goddess in the 21st Century.


It is a collaborative book in which we expand on what it means to be a Goddess today and go deeper with our daily practices, relationships, and highest calling in our community forum. 

We welcome you to be a part of this community, Goddess.

As a bonus, members of our Goddess Community receive 10% off on the personal sessions with Matilda. 

What you need to know:

You receive all this for $39 per month. Your membership is automatically renewed every month, and the fee will stay the same for as long as you're with us. However, you can cancel it anytime.

Our monthly gathering on Zoom is always on the first day of the month at 7 pm CET / 10 am PST. The two-hour call is recorded and will be available at our site <48 hrs after our call.

The monthly chapter of The Way of the Goddess will arrive in your mailbox at the beginning of each month. The email will include links to our forum so you can participate in the exchange of wisdom and practices.

We love you, dear Goddess, and hope you will join us in this beautiful community of 'like-hearted' sisters.

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