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Sessions for Adults

177 USD - 1 hr. session

457 USD - Three 1 hr. sessions

111 USD - ½ hr. Remote session

Payment plans are available

The starting point for a one-hour personal session is exploring your goals for the session and what result you would like to realize once the goal is achieved. During the session, Matilda will channel your higher wisdom that will guide the session to identify how your goals can be met. Throughout the session Matilda will seek to identify themes and support energy shifts to help the body release tension. You are welcome to ask questions during the session. Sessions can be conducted in Danish or English.

  • IN PERSON sessions are currently not available.

  • REMOTE sessions take place over the phone or via a video call. 

  • CONTACTLESS remote sessions focus on distance healing and are based on what you and Matilda define as goals prior to the session. Matilda will send a text message when she starts the session and at the end of the session you will receive an email with any messages she received during the session. During the session you may conduct routine daily activities, but it is recommended that you do not drive or perform other activities that require specific focus.

​​Discounted remote and in person sessions for adults are available for students, retirees and individuals with a limited income.  The price for a one-hour session is 144 USD.

If you seek in-depth personal support from Matilda, we can also recommend her Rise Goddess mentorship and healing program that helps you elevate to the next level. Read more.

Image by Evi Radauscher
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