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Certified Divine Child Healers

Find the right healer for your child.


This is the list of Certified Divine Child Healer's Program who offers sessions.  


The path of each Divine Child Healer is incredibly unique. Therefore, connect with your Divine Child Healer and ask about their approach and prices. While they have all been initiated to use support healing for the divine child and deep reconnection healing, the feedback and focus will vary between the healers depending on their unique gifts and abilities. 

Read more about the Divine Child Healer's Certification Program here.

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John Rusciano

Certified in 2023, Completed Advanced Program in 2023

At the heart of every child lies a unique energy, a beacon of authenticity and harmony. Life's journey can sometimes cloud this energy, leading to emotional and spiritual imbalances. Our sessions offer a light of balance for Starseed children, aiming to reconnect them with their intrinsic harmony.


Is your child highly sensitive, struggling with focus, sleep, or heightened reactions? These are signs they may need help regaining inner equilibrium. Our sessions provide a sanctuary, alleviating emotional burdens and fostering a space where positive energy flows, self-worth grows, and confidence blossoms.


Results vary; some children show immediate improvement, while others undergo gradual transformation. The journey might also reveal dynamics for parental healing. Guided by our mentor, John, families embark on a journey of understanding and enlightenment, unraveling the complexities of familial bonds.

To connect with John, visit his website or email him directly at


Jevona Klassen

Certified in 2023, Completed Advanced Program in 2023

Every child is perfect and comes here to express themselves and their endless love and excitement. They all have this innocence and joy within them. As a child divine healer, my special focus is to align the child back to their innocence, joy, and feeling of worthiness, allowing them to be who they are meant to be here. I want them to know that they are fully loved for exactly who they are and that they are never alone.


When I connect with a child, I also feel the presence of their loved ones, whether it's an uncle or a grandma who has passed on. I can usually describe who is around them. My heart can hold the frequencies of love and joy for these children and assist them in returning to their true selves.


Along with the feedback, I also provide any other information that comes through. My highest intentions are always love.

To connect with Jevona email her at

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Debbie Prediger

Certified in 2023, Completed Advanced Program in 2023

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