Happy Mother with her Child

Healing for children

Similar to her work with adults, Matilda can access the higher wisdom consciousness of children to help reconnect the child with their natural inner balance and authentic self. When in balance, harmonious energy flow prevails, negative energy is released and self worth and confidence are enhanced. Signs that a child may be out of balance includes a child who:

  • Gets easily frustrated or angry, or is over reactive to everyday situations

  • Has difficulty focusing or concentrating or does not sleep well

  • Is overly empathetic or takes on the emotions of others

  • Exerts excessive effort in controlling situations

  • Is having challenges coping with every day life after traumatic events



Matilda has helped many children regain their inner balance and thrive over the past several years using her deep understanding of energy and energy fields. Her work with children has also proven to be very beneficial to families, as it allows families a greater understanding of the child and a higher perspective on underlying family dynamics.