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A New Era has Begun

I was in doubt if the title for this blog post should be ‘blah blah blah’ or something else... My guides luckily prompted me the words for the title just as I started to write. That is how it often is for me these days. I am showing up not necessarily knowing what is going to happen but my guides got this! I can trust them… and I can trust myself - that I will hear the message and that I will be able to take the next step, when I am guided to. The assistance is there.

This is a big shift from earlier in my path and it has been an integration face over some years. Just after my awakening I felt this infinite trust in myself and the universe. What had happened was truly so magical that I felt so held by the love of the universe. But then a gradual integration of even higher energies and expanding it into my surrounding life began. This changed my life bit by bit until my life was not in any way similar to what I had lived before the awakening.

This is what is up for many in the New Era that has begun! - A gradual change in the inner state that will spread like rings in the water into the outer world. We are meant to trust ourselves and the universe. This can become a joyful ride and for me it has.

This morning I was having all this thoughts running in my head about what to do today and how to be of service (blah blah blah) and then I just heard ‘tune in with your heart’. I heard myself sighing deeply and my eyes just started to gaze out of the window and I don’t know if I sat there for half and hour or two hours, but everything calmed down. I returned to my sacred self and everything fell into place.

‘Come into the moment and everything you need is there’ those are my guide’s words and they make so much sense to me though I forget them time to time.

This coming week I am going to look into the new era at more than one occasion. Wednesday we have our final session on

course where we are tuning in on the role of the divine feminine in the new era. Thursday I have a collective year reading for the Danish people! (If you are Danish you probably want to check this out! it’s in the shop). I also have some personal year readings and if you haven’t yet given yourself the opportunity to receive one of those I suggest you take a look at them to see if they call on you! (in the shop).

If you want you want to join me for any of the above and can’t find it, don’t hesitate to message me. I know where it it is! ✨

I am sending you all a big hug on this (in Denmark rainy) Sunday ❤️✨

Love is

Love is

Love is

And so it is!

Matilda 🤍✨

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