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December is the time for the ascension of the Divine Feminine

Christiel is the Archangel associated with Christ Consciousness. She or he is a powerful archangel that holds our codes for union, unconditional love, and acceptance of the ascension process. I love her energy and it gives me so much hope when holding her Angelic hands.

Yesterday I pulled her as my card in the morning. Just before looking at the card, the guides shared that this was a major Arcana and the message I received was "she is ascending". Referring to the Divine Feminine.

Giggling a little because it was the 24th and the Christman was exactly a month away. It felt so timely. I have not pulled the Christiel card in a long time (months) so in a way it was surprising. Yet not surprising because her energy is extra powerful at this time of the year.

I want to share something with all of you – spiritual, not spiritual, or anything in between. Who is the Divine Feminine? And why do we see this struggle in the world for the woman to come into her power, freedom, and right to be?

As many already know our outer world resembles our inner world. Energetically it simply works as a mirror. Sometimes we are so busy trying to wipe the spots off the mirror that we do not recognize that the spots are on the face and not on the mirror. We might also find it hard to see the connection. Because we feel that we love e.g. the woman, why can she be treated so awful by other people? We need to fight this.

But try to come back for a moment to the very starting point for this imbalance. Journey back within to where the river springs. Because the very origin of this stems in you, in me, and all of us. How is the woman in you doing? The feminine energy? Is she being respected, honored, and celebrated? Or is she living in a self-created regime of not-enoughness, rules, and control? That is where it starts.

I invite you in here for a moment not to blame or place the fault of other people’s actions on you. No, I am inviting you to join the gentle revolution where you return to self and make this a priority over following the ‘rules’ of what we have created out of fear, not enoughness, and separation from our divine self.

So how can you shift this and join this "gentle revolution"?

By loving, honoring, and respecting your Divine Feminine. Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, or in between, this is important if you want to see a world with peace and unity.

Who is the Divine Feminine within? She is the energy in you that is intuitive, holds the intelligence that is called emotions, is nurturing, and is different in every moment because she is a wave! She is cyclic of nature – big cycles and small cycles. And it is so important to understand and not fight against if you want to create peace and unity within.

To make it more tangible “Are you loving and admiring the part of you who changes opinion and state of being all the time?”.

No, right?! We have learned that “staying the same” or “predictable” is what is reliable and what is preferred.

“Are you loving the part of you that feels the emotions and the intuition? and do you honor that intuition and follow it?”

Hmmm, are you?! We often believe that “following a plan” and being able to explain every step of the plan is the “right” thing to do.

So, before we start fighting and become so busy trying to wipe spots off the mirror that are really on our faces. Take a moment to come back into yourself and ask “How can I honor my divine feminine today?”.

It’s simple as that. And it’s a journey….

And one day you will get to the point where you look back at the times when you were following ideas and rules that kept you inside pre-defined ways of being and see that it was all created from your belief systems.

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