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Early New Year’s Message

We are soon to be headed into 2022 and I have been guided to share my yearly message about ‘what we are stepping into’ early this year!

We are entering a time of great transformation and a unique possibility for soul growth! And what does that mean? It means that we will get the opportunity to shift our perspective on who we are and why we are here in a big way. This is not always comfortable because it often happens either by feeling an external pressure or internal pressure. But the good news is that if we choose to go with the opportunity to expand it won’t feel as a pressure but rather as a quick shift into a more expanded reality – BECAUSE what we experience as the pressure is most often our own resistance to ourselves and what is.

What can you do to go with the expansion and ease your own experience? What you can do is to invite yourself out of the box we sometimes put ourselves in and invite yourself to shift perspective. Be fluid in your opinions and your ways of seeing yourself and others – seeing life in general. We are all here on a soul experience and sometimes it can be difficult to grasp that there is something bigger than the focus we are having in our human life (until they merge together). But understand that the soul's way of seeing success is very different from the human’s. The soul determines success in ways of exploration and expansion. Therefore we will sometimes find ourselves in situations we do not wish to experience, but if we tune in with our soul we will feel the eagerness and the joy that the soul contains about this experience.

Why am I talking about this already now? We are entering a big rebirth from now and stretching some months into 2022. This will put us on the ‘right’ (read fun!) track for 2022 – So a New Year rebirth stretching over some months. If you choose you can use the time to prime your coming year for your expanded visions and your preferred life as a human and soul at once. I am offering the Ýear Readings this year again to help you to do so. It feels very important to have other people to help us hold and open to our higher vision because our mind hold limited ideas about ourselves and what is possible for us. I myself have several people helping me holding my vision for the coming year – and I am so grateful for choosing to have a support team this year.

I will be more than delighted to be a part of your support team and help you open and hold your expanded vision for 2022.

The Year Readings can purchase already now and you will receive it within two weeks. If you want to be certain to receive your reading before New Year I recommend purchasing before December 10th as I will be taking time off between Christmas and New Year.

To read about the Year Readings go here

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