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The Goddess in You

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Having lived 38 years now I am looking back of the years I have lived in awe and wonder. How could one person experience this much? and how can one person going in and out of life experiences as if they were several lives packed into one? It all feels so divinely orchestrated looking to expand my understanding of who I am and what I truly came here for.

Spending many years living out ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ - Seeing things from a perspective where I would either become the victim or the perpetrator (in a mild form off course). But those were the existing templates available for me to explore at that time of my evolutionary journey.

Now many years later I am living form a place of non-judgement. Not saying that I am fully embodying this yet (or need to be). But it is my perspective, and it is gradually overtaking my general experience of life. For many ‘non judgement’ (or acceptance) feels tied to not judging others and it can feel as a difficult task to reach that point and why would you not judge others when they are doing something ‘wrong’? That is where the goddess comes in! Maybe you have, like me, realized that I am the one that I am judging? Whether it is a big or small thing –judgement cause me to run these difficult and dense emotions through my body over and over again, whether it is myself or others that I am judging (and suddenly unity makes sense) making myself feel awful. But maybe you have also, like me, been on a path where you have come to face your own judgement of yourself and how immensely painful it is to run that program without transcending it - Without coming to peace with it and without seeing the illusion of it.

The Goddess is back to walk the earth again! And who is she? She is you and me and everyone. She is the one that has realized that she is divine and that all difficult experiences on her path was chosen by herself to understand that she is divine love in action on the planet. We often think to create a more harmonious planet where there is no judgement and no inequality. We often expect for it to come from a place outside of ourselves. It has to come from someone creating it for us or through your own loving actions. The Goddess knows that she has chosen some experiences in life in order to create this through her own energetic field. By transmuting and transcending believes that is present on planet earth related to worthiness and separation from source. This has been the tread stones she laid out before coming here; being certain that she could accomplish this with time.

Does that mean that the goddess will continue to experience the same difficult experiences over and over? No, not at all! She is walking her way out of the illusion of unworthiness, failure and separation so that others can follow.

Do you feel that you have chosen the path of the Goddess? Maybe you will enjoy the upcoming course with me and xx xxx - The new Era of the divine feminine where we focus on the return of the Goddess and the embodiment of her (more info will follow soon).

Welcome back Goddess! And thank you so much for being here with us!

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1 Comment

What a wonderful explanation. It is often times the most difficult part in awakening is actually just describing it for others to follow. Thank you

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