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Unveiling the Goddess in you

Join our eight-day Goddess Challenge to experience a life of abundance and magic!

One year ago, we launched the first Goddess Challenge!


In the first Goddess Challenge, we focused on embodying the Goddess energy (also known as the divine feminine energy). Embodying our Goddess energy is essential if we desire to fully receive because the divine feminine energy is the receiver frequency.

Goddess Challenge v. 2.22
- Where the Goddess meets the God!

This year we are ready to go one step deeper! From October 16th to the 23rd we will be diving into the Goddess Challenge v. 2.22 where we will focus on awakening the divine masculine energy, also known as 'the God' within. Embodying our divine masculine energy is essential if we want to experience feeling fully supported in our lives, because this is one of the key qualities of the masculine frequency. 


Together these two energies – The Goddess and the God – allows us to experience the divine harmony between the masculine and feminine within us - and without! From this sacred place of unity, we can experience a life where we feel fully supported being who we are and receive the abundance and magic that is here for us.


We are now in year 2022. The number '2' holds a vibration that helps us to focus on inner and outer balance as well as balance in our relationships. And with three '2's this year we will experience this energy strongly.  The Goddesses and Gods share with us that in order to come into loving and supportive relationships with ourselves and others, we must create a harmonious symphony between our inner divine masculine and divine feminine. Therefore the theme of this years Goddess Challenge focuses on creating a sacred union with our masculine and feminine energies so you can open your heart to fully receive all the support life has to offer.

With this emphasis on interpersonal relationships, it is no surprise the Goddess Challenge will have a whole team behind the co-creation of it this year. 

Don't want to miss this opportunity?

What you receive in the Goddess Challenge:

Last year, participants felt a need for more support in the integration of the Goddess energies. This year we have added a Premium paid version with a lot of additional material to make the Goddess Challenge a truly satiating, healing and uplifting experience. 


In the free version, you will receive a daily email with a channeled message or exercise to unveil your inner Goddess. In the Premium version, you will receive a daily email with the same channeled message or exercise AND you will also receive videos, audios and live calls with healings, meditations, interviews and much more, that will help you to feel supported while you integrate and expand. 


Each piece of content in the Challenge has been carefully designed to awaken and align the Goddess and God frequencies within you.


Join us to enjoy eight days with:

  • Channeled messages and exercises about how to unveil your inner Goddess (Free/Premium)

  • Guided meditations to embody your divine feminine and masculine energies in harmony (Premium)

  • Breathwork techniques to awaken your body to its own divine Goddess' wisdom (Premium)

  • Aroma freedom tools to unveil the Goddess in you and connect with the God (Premium)

  • Exercises to move through polarities of the divine feminine and masculine to find harmony (Premium)

  • Interviews about the journey as a Goddess (Premium)

  • A two-hour live fireside chat including Q&A, guided meditations and channeled messages (Premium)

  • And much more….

How do I register?

You register by choosing one of the options below. Note that with the free option you will only receive a written message while with the Premium options you will receive all the extra material listed above including the interview with Niki Terlich and the guest lecture with Jodi Targon. 


Because we know that the energetic investment and exchange differs for each of you, we allow you to pick your own Premium price.


Pick your own price!

Or join our free version! The free version is currently not available!

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Meet your guides for the Goddess Challenge


Bonus interview with Niki Terlich

Niki Terlich is a pioneering face yoga teacher based in Denmark. She works with people of all genders across the world teaching face yoga techniques. In her online face yoga gym and on her Instagram profile she shares uplifting and inspiring guidance for her many clients and followers.


In this interview Niki shares her journey into becoming the Goddess that she is today, as the mother of four with a thriving business. This has at times not been an easy journey. Niki shares with us how her son’s cancer diagnosis back in 2015 was the beginning of a process where she came to discover the power that lies within each and everyone of us when we connect with the divine mother energies and align with our soul’s path. Niki also shares with us how she has used the wisdom that she gained to create the thriving business that she has today.


Guest teacher Jodi Targon

Jodi Targon is a space holder and torch bearer for transformation.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Screenwriting certificate from the American Film Institute, Jodi has always been fascinated by people and their stories.


Using guidance from Source and Ascended Masters, embodiment and nonduality practices, writing and meditation Jodi guides clients to find clarity and more ease and grace in their lives. 


For the Goddess Challenge, Jodi will help you tune into the polarities of masculine/feminine, Shiva and Shakti and find harmony and Oneness so you have access to your full power.

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