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This is the recording from our two-hour Root Chakra workshop that took place in August 2022.


In the workshop you will be introduced to the highest purpose of the root chakra and how you can open to your divine path as a creator being feeling ease and flow.


We are going in depth with the body parts that are representing the root chakra (pelvic floor, legs, feet and just below your feet) and how you can allow your divine energy to flow effortlessly into this part of your body.


What many experence after working specifically on integrating the higher lights into their root chakra, is a sense of peace and certainty when following their intuition.


If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed when following your inner guidance then this workshop can benefit you! Because when you integrate your higher energy into your root chakra you will start to feel a sense of peace and flow in your life that allows you to continue on your desired path.


This workshop can also benefit you in creating what you truly desire and allowing yourself to shift into a 5D perspective on yourself, your body, your sexuality and your path here on earth.

The workshop includes an activation and meditation that helps you to allow your highest light/energy to flow freely in your root chakra.

Root Chakra Workshop

$39.00 Regular Price
$19.50Sale Price
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