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We all have a goddess (if not to say many) within. Connecting with her helps us to be confident and feeling worthy of being a divine feminine being here on earth. The time is now to connect with your goddess qualities and to live your life from a worthy and joyful place. And if not to learn that from the Goddesses themselves who then?!


In this zip-file you will find fourteen inspirational messages from fourteen ancient Goddesses, one for each day of the challenge. 


Each of the messages provides guidance from one of the Ancient Goddesses on how you can embody her energy and spark her Goddess light in you! Every day a new Goddess will share her light and wisdom with us. 


Do you want to know what Hathor, Freya, Artemis and many other Goddesses can teach you about being a modern woman and goddess at once? Go in and check out the challenge! Believe it or not, many of the challenges that we are facing these days the Goddesses have the answers to!!


Note that there are recorded activations that can be purchased to support your transformation during the challnge.  

Free 14 Days Goddes Challenge

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