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“ I could recognize everything you wrote, and the process went as described. It's absolutely magical what happened to my little boy.
So from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Mette / Denmark

 My son is much more balanced and more easily accesses his emotions. He surprises me by being more robust to experiences that would previously knock him out of balance. Thanks again"


“ My daughter is doing really well. She has found more peace in herself. When she gets angry, she reacts more healthily. Now she does not lose herself entirely in the emotion. Instead, she moves on from the various emotional states faster. Before the healing, it could take her a whole morning to get out of anger when I said 'no' to something."


“Your description of Nicoline is spot on. I could feel a difference already the day after where, unlike the last few months, she has had major emotional outbursts with screaming. This was significantly less already the day later. So it must have had an immediate effect. Thank you so much for the healing. I have no doubt that it will benefit her."


Your description of my son fits so well! The healing has undoubtedly worked. He has become happier and more outgoing, and I have received comments from several of his friends' parents who have noticed the same thing with him."

J. / Denmark

“ Wow. I can really recognize your description! And the fact that he becomes more robust and can feel his worth is SO lovely! It gives renewed focus on our relationship and communication in the family so that we can become even better at supporting each other."


“It makes perfect sense what you write in the feedback. It is really something we can use!"


Bertram thrives much better now, and he is much better at knowing when he needs our support and seeks it. It's so lovely that he is open to receiving our love. Thanks again!"

Bertram's mom

“The healing has helped my son, and he seems more confident and calm. I had especially noticed it when we were on family visits where he was very outgoing and curious, where he used to be insecure and stay with me."


“The night B was healed, he came into me and slept during the night. The following morning he woke up quite calmly, walked over, and gave me a kiss and a huge hug. Then he said calmly but firmly: Greatest of all is love. There will always be love between you and me, mom, father, and little brother. Without love, we are nothing! Without love, we die !! Then he hugged me again, ran out, and behaved like any other six-year-old boy. I was just speechless."

B's mom

How fitting the description of Joshua is! Your words are helpful because they provide insight into how he experiences himself and us.!"


“Thank you so much for the healing of my son. It has been so lovely to meet you. Thanks for the fantastic exercises and visualizations; I will definitely use them!"

I's mom

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