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As a healer and energy intuitive, Matilda Lerche uses higher wisdom life coaching to assist her clients in awakening to their full potential. Using this coaching method, Matilda accesses the client’s higher wisdom consciousness and translates words and energy to help awaken her clients to their own wisdom and spark great transformation. Matilda has a background in Natural sciences with a Ph.D. in Biology which supports her holistic approach to spirituality and energy methodologies.

Matilda’s warm and heartfelt personality shines through during sessions and her highly conscious lifestyle supports a safe space for her clients to thrive. Clients’ personal stories and experiences are always honored, creating the best conditions for healing, transformation and growth.


Why Intuitive Services?

Why Intuitive Services


Aligns you to your optimal state of wellbeing - either in mind, body or both. Helps to reduce pain, increase states of happiness, release limiting beliefs and provide clarity





for Adults

The starting point for a one-hour personal session is exploring your goals for the session and what result you would like to realize once the goal is achieved. During the session, Matilda will channel your higher wisdom that will guide the session to identify how your goals can be met. Throughout the session Matilda will seek to identify themes and support energy shifts to help the body release tension.




Sessions for children focus on distance healing and are based on what you and Matilda define as goals (via email) prior to the session. In support of the parent’s goals, these sessions assist the child to connect more deeply to their own authentic self.

Matilda has helped many children regain their inner balance and thrive over the past several years using her deep understanding of energy and energy fields. Her work with children has also proven beneficial to families, as it allows families a greater understanding of underlying family dynamics.

Group Sessions

Guided meditations and channeling events for groups are organized to fit the need of the group. Sessions typically last 2 hours and the starting point for a group session is exploring your goals of the session. Typically, the goals are addressed via a channeled higher wisdom meditation, followed by an opportunity for the group to share their experiences. 


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"Matilda offers a meaningful calm energy session with a hidden gift that your own higher self guides may awaken to speak more clearly and offer guidance. I recommend Matilda as a professional who can lift your inner connection to the beautiful self that you are."

—  Sherry S., USA


Matilda Lerche

Tel: +45 31 32 08 11


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