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The 2023 Divine Child Healer's Program 
Description and Timetable

Program Description:

The Divine Child Healer's Program is a program that will initiate you to become a healer for children. It uses energetic methodologies and theory to open up the healing abilities within you. 


The program is for anyone who desires to help children thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically using energy healing. Whether in your family own or on a professional level, this program assists you in becoming powerfully balanced and grounded in yourself so you can support the children on your path.


More specifically, the program is for those of you who, as a healer, parent, teacher, grandparent, relative, doctor, etc., are ready to step into a new level of assisting the children in your life.


This program offers a comprehensive introduction to the interactions between parents and children, as well as between adults and children. As a result, it is beneficial for anyone seeking to gain a broader perspective on these dynamics and reap the benefits of this shift in perspective.

Additionally, many individuals will find this program helpful in improving their relationships with their inner child and parent, as well as their relationships with others.

The Divine Child Healer's Program spans six months and includes 20 hours of training, which is divided into six theory modules, two healing activation modules, and two group practice modules. Participants will also be given homework and monthly assignments. For those who require additional support, personal sessions can be added to the program.



What you receive in this program:

We have designed six two-hour modules to give your insights into how energy works and how to make the most of your connection with children by shifting your perspective to an elevated viewpoint. They also include healing that opens you to your higher path as a support and healer for children.


In two three-hour activation modules, we will support you into balance and initiate you to use the Divine Child's Support Healing and the Divine Child's Deep Reconnection Healing.


In two group practice sessions you will learn to use the healing modalities in group settings, which allows you to assist large groups of children.


You will receive channeled feedback from the guides to your monthly assignment and homework.


In every module, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.


There is an optional add-on of five personal mentoring and healing sessions with Matilda, which help you follow your highest path with clarity and ease.



What you will learn in the program:


  • How energy is integrated into the child's body and how it works on different levels

  • How trauma and beliefs can prevent the child from integrating their light and authentic self


  • About incarnation and the incarnation agreements within a family 

  • What the child's soul mission is, and how it plays together with the family

  • How healing can assist the child in rebalancing and releasing limiting beliefs and trauma

  • What your role is with the children - in your family, professionally, or globally

  • How to use two remote healing modalities to support and reconnect children to their authentic selves and wellbeing 


  1. The Divine Child's Support Healing can assist individual children and groups of children as a 'non-personal' support tool, which means you can use it without knowing the receiver or receivers.

  2. The Divine Child's Deep Reconnection Healing is a deep healing that can assist the child on an individual level to reconnect to their soul, inner balance, and authentic nature.



Your experience with healing modalities and your balance will determine if you can use the healing modalities professionally after the program. If you are already an experienced or certified healer, this is a tool you can use in your work once you have completed the course.


Suppose you are newer to using healing techniques. In that case, these new skills will require some practice. If you desire to use the tools outside your friends and family circle, Matilda recommends her advanced course starting in spring 2024.


The healing modalities will work on your balance first; after that, the modalities can assist others. It is, therefore, a benefit for you to learn these types of healings whether you are new to this or experienced.


Further, be aware that your openness to receiving clairsentient and clairvoyant input from the client will determine how much feedback you receive from these healings. Clairsentience and clairvoyance are not directly taught (though supported by the energetic practices) in this program. You will learn these skills in the advanced program that is a continuation of the Divine Child Healer's Program starting 2024.



Registration for the 2023 is now closed. 

​To get on the waiting list for the Divine Child Healer's Program 2024, send an email to

There is a maximum capacity of 12 participants.


The Theory modules are on six Thursdays from 9 am to 11 am PT

The Practice modules are on two Thursdays from 9 am to 10 am PT 

The Activations modules are on two Sundays from 9 am to 12 pm PT


All sessions will take place on Zoom and will be recorded. You will receive the recording within 48 hrs of the call.

Module 1: August 31st from 9 to 11 am PT

Module 2: September 14th from 9 to 11 am PT

1st Activation: October 6th from 9 am to 12 pm PT

Module 3: October 26th from 9 to 11 am PT

Practice session: November 16th from 9 to 10 am PT

Module 4: November 30th from 9 to 11 am PT

2nd Activation: December 10th from 9 am to 12 pm PT

Module 5: December 28th from 9 to 11 am PT

Practice session: January 11th from 9 to 10 am PT

Module 6: January 25th from 9 to 11 am PT


Each module will include theory, channeled guidance, time for questions, and specific guidance about integrating the wisdom and acquired skills into your life.

Description of Modules:

Module 1: Basic understanding of energy and how it is integrated into the child's body. We are introducing different types of sensing, how each child is wired differently, and how this specific wiring supports them in their life. 

Module 2: Focusing on understanding how different settings in the body and energy field can prevent the child from integrating their full authentic expression and how we assist in changing those settings so their energy can be fully integrated.


1st Activation: Divine Child's Support Healing will be activated. The activation will promote understanding of how to hold your frequency and allow others to use your energy field to uplift themselves by resonance. The activation is a deep meditative process, so you should have time after the activation to integrate.

Module 3: Focusing on the role of the family or caregiver and how the incarnation themes in the family are a part of the child's mission here on earth. You will also gain an in-depth understanding of a child's mission and what life experiences the child can create to fulfill a life mission.

Practice session: You will learn how to perform healings in groups and connect with the energy field of groups of children to support and uplift their energy.


Module 4: Parents of the earth (this does not require that you are a parent in the physical), what is our current role on the planet? We will focus on the purpose of children incarnating with higher consciousness on the earth and how to support them with their creation of a higher world/New Earth.


2nd Activation: This activation offers Divine Child's Deep Reconnection Healing. This activation will promote understanding of how the healing works to reconnect the child to his/her/their authentic nature and allow all that they are. You support with what you are, meaning the healing works differently for each individual, depending on what you have integrated. The activation is a deep meditative process, so you should have time after the activation to integrate.

Module 5: Stepping into your role as professional support on the earth plane. We will focus on how to integrate the use of the healings where you are in your life currently and in your life in the future. There will be time for practical support for those who started using the healing modalities.


Practice session: We will go deeper with the healing of groups of children and the understanding of the impact it has when we unite our energy fields and create a healing vortex for children in need.


Module 6: Allowing the realignment with your highest path by integrating all parts of you and opening your path forward as a healer for children. Time to finish up and ensure we have covered all we need for this program.

Note: Three bonus preparation calls from last year are freely available here. If you watch them before the program begins, you will be prepared energetically for the content we will work with in the program. 



Requirements for Certification:

You must attend all modules either live or by replay. Small assignments after each module will need to be completed and sent to me by email.


There will also be a minimum requirement of remote child healings, each with a self-evaluation submitted to Matilda. The requirements are five healings using the Divine Child's Support Healing and two using the Divine Child's Deep Reconnection Healing.


You should submit all work by one month following the conclusion of the course to receive a certification certificate from Awaken to You unless you have made other personal agreements with Matilda.

Join us for the Divine Child Healer's program 2024!

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