You are Home on Earth

– finding peace and love within to support full integration of all that you are in your life!

Join us for this three part webinar series starting on March 22nd!


In this webinar series you will Reclaim lost and denied aspects of you - So you can be all that you are and activate the remembrance that You are supported being fully who you are! Further, we work with integrating the Allowance of your own truth and Expanding the concepts of Reality!



Sign up for one or all three webinars!


One webinar 17 USD / All three webinars 35 USD

The webinars will have a format which includes an intro and guidance about the concepts, conversations with participants who want to share and ends with a visualization and activation.

The webinars will be 1-1½ hour(s) long depending on the engagement of  the participants. 

All webinars will be recorded and send to your inbox if you cannot attend live.

Webinar themes:

1st webinar

March 22nd - purchase the recording here

'Allow back all aspects of you'


We work with reclaiming all lost and denied aspects of you, so you can fully allow all that, ‘You are inside of you’. The webinar establishes a safe space for bringing your precious unique vibrations back into your body.

*Note that due to daylight savings only in the US, the first webinar is at 11 am PT while the following is at 10 am PT!


2nd webinar

April 18th - purchase the recording here

'What is real? – allowing your own truth'


In this webinar, we will work with the integration of your own truth and allow an expanded perspective on what is real and what is not. The webinar sets the space for a peaceful and loving integration of your truth.

3rd webinar

May 17th at 10 am PT / 7 pm CET (Monday)

'Becoming You' 

In the third webinar, we allow ourselves to remember that we are here to be who we fully are. We allow it to be our truth in life – knowing that no one and nothing can threaten that.  

I am looking forward to be your guide and space holder on this webinar series!

Children, you can feel home on earth too! - While this is a webinar for adults, children can benefit from the activations as well!

Note: Are you are a parent with a child that you would like to have feel safer and more supported being fully who they are?

Then you have the option to benefit from the webinars yourself, but also set the intention to automatically share the light codes with your child’s inner self. The webinars provide a powerful transmission of activating energies that have your child feel an enhanced sense of  belonging and support on earth.