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Join us for a 14 days Goddess Challenge!


Are you ready to awaken your inner Goddess?

Take a 14 days journey into the land of Goddesses where you will learn from the best! 

Hathor, Aphrodite, Kali, Idun and many more are ready to teach you everything that youre need to know to awaken your inner Goddess and start living your life from a self-loving, compassionate and magical place!

This is what other women say about the Goddess Challenge

This "goddess challenge" has gone above and beyond my expectations. So much wisdom is shared through the words. I love how every sentence has a deep message. The practical exercises are amazing and help to integrate the goddess's energy. Truly beautiful to get to know these goddesses, some I knew and some are new. They are helping us to embody the divine feminine light that is so needed in this world right now. Thanks for bringing their light!

- Anna-

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In this folder you will find fourteen inspirational texts from fourteen Goddesses that each shares their wisdom about how to embody their energy and awaken your inner Goddess!

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If you want to go more in depth with the challenge you can also include 14 powerful Goddess Activations!


- One for each day of the challenge.

They are created to support your integration and expansion.

You can listen to the activation from day one for free here!

Day 1 - Freya

Together with the message from the first day of the Goddess Challenge, you will be activated deeply!


Message from day one:


Dear Freya

(… and before you start thinking that I have got your name all wrong, the Goddesses have asked me to ignite your remembrance of their frequency in you by reminding you that you ARE one with them. Therefore your inner Freya will start awakening the moment you begin to remember that you ARE her!)


Let’s start again!


Dear Freya

We need you on earth at this time!

Please come to earth in this woman that reads this message now. Please bring to us your unique qualities and shine them so bright upon humanity. Please just be you!

We need your ability to express utter and holy self-love; the love for the body of flesh and blood. We need your sparkling laughter and joy of being a woman with all that it includes; fertile and later as a wisdom keeper and most often all at once. See the seeds you planted in your life and value them. See your physical body and value it. Freya, you are our hope for humanity – you know how to do this as easily as a snowflake falling from the sky on a cold winter morning in Asgaard.

Please come home to earth!


Love from all your fellow beings on earth and beyond

Freya’s guidance for you today:


What I know better than anyone is to fall madly in love with my human body. I would LOVE to share this ability with you and as you read this I hope you start feeling this in your body. I would LOVE to share with you the deep desire for your human body.


My guidance for you is therefore:

Think of a body part that you are going to be in love with today! Let the first body part that comes to your mind be the chosen one. Don’t go for what you usually think is the body part fitting the norm or beauty standard the most. Choose the one that just pops up in your head. Now start feeling the love – like being in love with a loved one. Those first days of magic together and feel the tingling sensation in your body. Let that be your experience for today. When some time has passed, choose a different body part and go through your body at your pace.


It wasn’t for nothing that I was the most desired Norse Goddess! When you practice this you create a template of how you want others to perceive you. Now, don’t be afraid of carrying this template. You as a Goddess choose who you want to let into your temple of love.


With love and appreciation


~ Freya ~

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